Dawn not only set up a beautiful website for me 2.5 years ago, but has also acted as a business consultant suggesting ways to bring more traffic to my website such as how to write articles on my site and access social links that fit my personality. She also keeps track of my website even when we haven’t been in touch, informing me when it’s optimal to do an update with the software to keep up with technology. Her rates are exceptionally reasonable and affordable. Since I like to be as independent as possible for general updating of pages such as my workshops listing, Dawn has taken the time to teach me a few simple tricks to work with the software so I can carry out this simple editing process on my own. One of Dawn’s greatest assets is her ability to listen to me when I have concerns or thoughts about my site and seems to effortlessly find solutions. And, although I live several states away, communication with her has been seamless. I feel exceptionally fortunate to have Dawn as my business consultant and website specialist.


Committed to Serving Our Clients - Est. 2003

2 The Schultzs is committed to deliver the highest quality solutions and services to enable our clients to increase their business visibility. We make our clients our number one priority by focusing on their needs and expectations. Only by their measure of satisfaction do we measure our success.

Website Design and Development

We offer options and suggestions while working through the process of creating your exclusive website. There are no pre-designed templates to fit your business into, each of our clients' websites are personalized for their distinctive needs. We offer affordable and professional web designs to businesses of all sizes.

Maintenance Updates and Security

With the economic challenges of today’s global market; businesses are forced to optimize the workforce, creating the fine line of efficiency and an effective use of personnel time. This is where we can provide professional cost-effective website solutions for your business saving you time and money. Are you finding you need more time in a day to manage your business? We understand how important it is to get your changes done quickly so that your website represents your business accurately as your business evolves. Our turnaround time makes it easy to post your daily or weekly sales, newsletters and other changes in timely manner. We offer Security Monitoring packages for your WordPress website that will fit your needs.

Mobile Solutions with High Retina Display

Internet and mobile advertising is no longer the way of the future but an essential element of today’s advertising; targeting the global consumer reaching not hundreds but millions of handheld and laptop devices. Create a viral mobile internet marketing campaign that stimulates the consumer to interact with your website. Mobile solutions for today’s fast growing interactive mobile market. Whether you are on a iPad, phone, or desktop your website images should always look crisp and clear without adding to the download.

Web Analytics

Creating success and reaching goals with analytics and get more out of your website by make sure your campaigns are working for you. We offer monthly web analytics analysis to help our clients to determine web behavior and help target their preferred audience.

SEO - Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization starts before the website is created and encompasses the entire process and development as well as maintenance of the website. SEO is a continuous process and management of content, structure, code and link verifications, online campaigns, page titles, header, keyword metadata and market analysis. Make sure your website is doing its job!


We specialize on website design, development and maintenance, with programming in html, php, and javascript. While we work on most platforms, our platform of choice is Content Management System - WordPress with a semantic professional publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, web standards, usability, and security. Our services also include Website Monthly Security Packages, Website Scanning and Recovery, High Retina Display, Photoshop Image Modification, Photoshop Basic Training for websites, WordPress Content Management Training, Development of Flipbooks, magazines, e-magazines and books for online display. Check out our Design Gallery