Frequently Asked Questions  

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Stay in control of your Domain Name!

Too often I’m contacted by an individual who allowed someone else to register their domain for them and has now lost control of that domain name. If you want to take your domain name and move it to another company, you may be out of luck unless you buy that domain name back from the company that registered it for you. There are several companies who are willing to set everything up for you and that may be fine if you decide to never move your domain registration or website to another company for any reason.

Register Your Own Domain Name and Stay In Control!!!!

Can I have more than one domain name?

Yes: You can have as many as you want to buy. Some clients use multiple domain names to point to the same website and others use each domain name individually. Some buy different domain names just to use for their email address.
An example: as my main website domain name;, to point to my main website as my email address.

Can I have multiple websites hosted on the same hosting package?

Hosting companies have different packages that regulate multiple website (Domains) hosting but most allow multiple domains on your hosting package. Check with your hosting company or if you are looking for a hosting company make sure they allow multiple website domains.

Do I own my website?

There are companies out there that will not allow you to take their "Pre-Design Templates" with you if you decide to move your website to a different hosting company. However most website designers create your website for you and therefore you own your entire website content, template and all images! Make sure you ask before you get started!

Can we set up a website where I can manage my own content?

Yes, several of my clients opt for the ability to manage their own content on their website and then when they are busy or need our assistance they contact us.

Can I move my website and domain registration to a different hosting company?

When moving your website you need to remember your website consists of your web hosting and your domain registration. Your website can be moved to a different hosting company without moving the domain registration. However I find it’s easier to keep them at the same company but manage them individually. When moving your hosting, you will need the new hosting company’s Domain Name Servers (Example: ns1.xxxx and ns2.xxxx). These will be given to your old hosting company to set your website to the new hosting company. If you are moving your domain registration, you will need the authorization key that will be generated once requested from your old hosting. Most hosting companies are very helpful with this transition; however some are not and can make it very difficult. It is always advised that when possible you perform the transfer yourself or ask your developer for assistance.