The website I had used for years needed a major overhaul. When I talked with my web designer I found it difficult to get my ideas across. The changes weren't what I had envisioned. A friend told me about Dawn as she had created my friends site. Within 10 minutes of speaking with Dawn on the phone I could tell that she 'got it'. The first couple of design prototypes she sent assured me that she not only understood what I was trying to convey with my site, but that she was flexible and willing to try some of my more difficult requests. Dawn works 'with' you on your design. She has a great design mind as well as a great personality, making her a joy to work with. I highly recommend her every chance I get.

J Linn Black Henline jlinn.net, splashdogspa.com
LMP, SAMP, Reiki

Having a .com was a new concept to me and I was nervous and wasn't really sure how to go about it. I found Dawn and all my worries went away. She helped me every step of the way and the end result was far better then I could have ever imagined! FancieFannies.com is one of the most adorable and user friendly sites I have ever seen and I am glad that it is mine! If I need any type of help or support she is just a phone call away and all of the work is done is such a timely manner, it's unbelievable. Thanks Dawn for doing such a great job on my site and thanks for all the patience getting it set up!

Pattie Lindsay

I had been struggling to set up a website for a long time and as I live in California prices are quite extortionate. Dawn was recommended by a friend of the family and despite the long distance has been fabulous! As an artist myself I am a perfectionist and am extremely particular about minute details. Dawn worked endless hours getting my site just perfect. She built and sent several designs personalised to my business for me to choose from. I pulled pieces from all the designs which Dawn combined to make a site that was just right for me. I could not believe how quickly the work was completed. Dawn also instructed me on how to make basic updates to my site so I could manage it myself. I have not found another website designer who is willing to give instruction to clients with no fee! Most charge a monthly maintenance fee. I consistently changed my mind on styles and layouts throughout the construction of the site and Dawn made immediate alterations every time I asked. I could not have been happier with Dawns service. She made the whole ordeal of getting a website up and running enjoyable! Most important of all her prices are insanely affordable. Thank you so much Dawn, I would recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Amy McArthur

I just love my webmaster 2 the Schultzs. I have been working with Dawn for over 4 years now on various project and website designs. When I first started out with my web presence a previous company held my website and domain name hostage. I was referred to Dawn by another one of her clients, from the moment I started working with her it has been awesome. She listens to my ideas, creates great and easy to access designs, and most importantly her customer service is the best. From designing to maintenance, I just call up and ask and it is done. If she is working with another client she lets me know. I have never had any down time or issues with not having my websites up and running, due to the her work. I have referred many individuals that have been very happy with the service. I originally started out with a 60 page html site that was quite complicated at the time and it worked very well. I have down sized and switched to word presses so that I could interact more with my content and I just love them. Her expertise and professionalism is the best.

mybffrecipes.com, inspiredbytheheart.com, inspiredwaysolutions.com

Dawn was recommended to me by a friend who has been using her services for two years for her many websites. I got to experience firsthand how reliable, quick and affordable her services are. Even though I live several states away, it was easy to communicate with her, often several times a day. She was willing to set up things how I wanted, but also made suggestions on how to improve it, if I was interested and designed the website to include other features should I expand with my business; she was thinking ahead and left me with ideas to consider. In addition, she was willing to teach me things, answer all any questions or send me to a source to find an answer (with the link). My website turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined.

Menaka (Retired)

Dawn Schultz of 2 The Schultzs recently designed an interactive website for our Internet Gaming community. We are very happy with the results and would recommend her to other seeking this type of service. She was professional and courteous throughout the project. She was also in contact with me throughout and gave me updates as well as choices within the design process. She took my wants and needs into consideration each time I expressed a view. She had some great ideas on how to improve the site and make it more interactive for all of our members.

I am not the most computer savvy person, but she built me a tool that I could use to keep my website updated and I am able to modify the pages going forward as our needs and desires change. This is probably the biggest difference in the sites we have had up until now. Once the old ones were built, I was forced to rely on that person to make any needed changes, taking that control out of my hands. She also took the time to make sure I understood how to use this tool.

I would invite you to take a look at our website at www.tenthmtndiv.com to see her work first hand. I am very happy with the results of our association with 2 The Schultzs and am happy to recommend them to you.

Brent Riley

I highly recommend Dawn Schultz to do your web site. She is creative, knowledgeable, and efficient. I consider myself a tough customer, and she was never rattled by what I asked her to do. She seems to always be available and is very understanding about constant changes. She clearly is concerned about the success of the web site and really puts forth the effort to get things done. Even with all of that, she is reasonable in price. I can see working with her on any other web site I might need in the future and I will recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Howard Krieger (Retired) New Billboard Website - XDIR-LLC

"I am so pleased with my web sites! Dawn is artistically creative, and I can always depend on her to respond to my requests promptly. I have found her prices and value to be incomparable."

Stephen Sylvan Willig Syslvans Youth Education Services

Creative, professional, fast - what more can we say? Dawn claims 100% satisfaction but we reckon we got 200%!. “What sets 2The Schultz’s Custom Designs above any other Web Design company in the area is its unique combination of personal and professional excellence. Dawn produces outstanding work in a timely manner that simply cannot be beat. Plus she tolerated last-minute changes and requests. I loved the work she did for us. Very Satisfying and highly recommend their services. Thank you for a great job. I look forward to the next project.

Lucky, Four Lucky Pawz, Reliable Pet Care Services, Colorado Springs, CO